• A routine

    The alarm goes off but I’m already awake, my sunrise clock having slowly brightened the room ahead of the alarm time. I get up, shuffle to the spare room and lie down again.

    I open the app and start the stretching routine, following along as the exercise change. Hold for 30 secs, change, hold for 30 secs, change.

    7 mins later I’m done and head for the shower.

  • World Mental Health Day

    There are many tactics - google will get you all of them no doubt - to counter mental health problems. Exercise, eat well, sleep, read, meditate, etc.

    The biggest thing for me is to accept my mood, no matter what it is. I may wake up grumpy and that’s ok. As long as I don’t dwell on it I find the mood changes, eventually I realise why I’m grumpy and it’s usually something I can fix or something to ignore.

    It is not easy.

    Ask your loved ones (be they family or friends) how they are, then ask again to be sure. No-one will admit they are depressed or suffering at first, open the door to them and just listen. Don’t fix.

    And take care of you. If you need a day of doing nothing, do so. Try not to let it become the habit.


  • March 2020 decisions

    In March 2020 two things happen. 1. My current contract ends, and whilst there may be (another) 6 month renewal, it is also nicely timed to coincide with new IR35 tax rules coming into effect the following month. 2. The PCP on my current car comes to an end and I’ll either need to pay the lump sum, or look for an alternative.

    With the unknown that option one brings, which may or may not impact my income quite dramatically, I’m caught between a rock and a hard place in the usual head vs heart debate over what car to get next.

    What I really want, something bigger with electric memory seats. i.e. a Skoda Karoq Edition. What I can actually afford… who the heck knows!

  • Rain rain go away

    Rain rain sod the feck off. Forecast says rain for the rest of the week, which is fine, except the waterproof trail shoes I bought last year (cheap ones) aren’t all that waterproof and are definitely not comfortable. But they were cheap. So I’m on the lookout for a better option as last nights sodden walk was not the most fun - I think Dave enjoyed it though!

  • Rain rain..

    A lovely dreich evening in Glasgow. Perfect for walking the dog ‽

  • Writing writing writing

    Writing habit is returning. Slowly, but it’s there. Need to get rid of some more distractions though. This weekend, spare room clear out time!

  • FU Facebook

    What the hell? Fuck you Facebook.


  • Ugh. Halloween.

    And lo, October has arrived.

    With it comes the promise of golden leaves shimmering on frosty mornings, cozy evenings spent under blankets in the company of loved ones, dogs snoring on the rug.

    And then there is Halloween. The loathsome time of costumes and scares, and woe betide anyone who does not participate, for it is they who are looked down upon.

  • Hello micro.blog

    Another voice, screaming into the void.

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